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Dr. Amy T Bandy, Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
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Dr. Amy Bandy Reviews

"I was embarrassed about my lopsided breasts since forever. Dr. Amy Bandy helped me achieve the symmetry I've always wanted. All it took was me knowing what I wanted and taking the initiative by visiting her office. It was meant to be, and Dr. Bandy was meant for me." -E.W.

"My friends never told me about my nose, but now they are all telling me how better it looks. Thanks to Dr. Bandy, my nose job went perfectly. "-L.K.

"So how do you describe a feeling that makes you speechless. I'll try my best. Happy, happy, happy, and happy. Dr. Bandy made an awesome impression on me...literally!"-C.S.

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voted best cosmetic surgeon by oc register, dr amy bandy
Dr. Amy Bandy
-Voted as one of the "Best Cosmetic Surgeons" - Orange County Register
-Recognized as a "Top Doctor" by RealSelf

dr amy bandy plastic surgeon california over 20 years of experience, dr amy bandy

Dr. Amy Bandy has over 20 years of Experience as a Plastic Surgeon